CRC IV (2004) CDs ($6.00 ea. plus s/h)

All Speeches CRC IV – Complete Set CDs ($65.00)

All Speakers Round-table #1: A Look at the Past: Historical Examples of Catholics in Action


Jim Condit, Jr. Building a Catholic Frame of Mind by Understanding the Chaos and Ruins of the 20th Century


Cornelia Ferreira The United Nations: Last Hope of Mankind?

Dr. Peter Chojnowski The Sacred Kingship of Christ and What We Can Do About It

Craig Heimbichner The Kabbalistic Paradigm: Occult Paralysis and the Catholic Answer

Fr. Stephen Somerville The New Order Mass: Product of a New Theology?

John Vennari The Sacrament of Confirmation and Catholic Action

Fr. Nicholas Gruner Laying the Groundwork for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart

John Sharpe Neither Socialism nor Capitalism: The Economic Order of a Catholic Society ~ John Sharpe

Jim Condit, Jr. How the Christian Order Might Be Restored: And What We Should Be Doing Now ~ Jim Condit, Jr.

John Vennari Father Fahey vs. the Modern World

All Speakers Round-table #2: A Look at the Present: How to Rebuild a Catholic Society in “Pseudo-Judeo/Christian” America