“We can’t begin to thank you for the wonderful ‘Restoration’ weekend. It was a blessing, healing, strengthening of our souls, minds and bodies. We came away renewed and with hope and faith in that we are not abandoned by God and are two of an ever growing ‘remnant’ which will persevere.   We soaked up every prayer, every word and every moment like two thirsty sponges. Our souls are restored.   In our prayers we thank God, Our Blessed Mother and you for making all this possible.”

Ed & Rosemary Kotter, Sedona, AZ

Following the first “In the Spirit of Chartres” Committe Pilgrimage, ISOC organized the first of several major three-day conferences along with the one-day conference held in 2009.  Hundreds of attendees from the United States and beyond, for example England and Argentina, had the privilege of hearing some of the countries foremost traditional Catholic speakers and scholars.  Each conference had a theme and attendees were provided presentations on a myriad of topics concerning the current state of the Church and the fight for Catholic Truth.

CDs are available from each of the conferences, CRC I CRC IICRC III —  CRC IV.

Video tapes of the CRC IV Roundtables are also availabe.

And if you’d like to organize a conference in your hometown and need help, give ISOC a call at 757-925-7904.  We’d be happy to help.