Lecture Series

In the tradition of the popular “Catholic Restoration Conferences,” the “In the Spirit of Chartres” Committee (ISOC) organized a series of mini-conferences dedicated to helping all faithful, concerned Catholics, understand the spiritual battle that is waging around us, and exploring ways that may help us persevere in what has become a virtual anti-Catholic society.

These mini-conferences exposed the current crises in society: culturally, economically, and politically. The speakers discussed how the current crises impact our lives as Catholics and how we can continue to lead good Catholic lives no matter what.

Prominent Catholic speakers exposed the modern “anti-Catholic” forces at work in our world. And they presented lectures designed to educate us regarding traditional “Catholic Action” by sharing their own experiences and by exploring the lessons of such famous Catholic activists and scholars as Pope St. Pius X, Fr. Denis Fahey, G. K. Chesterton, Hilaire Belloc, and many more.


First in the Series…

The Best Defense is a Good Offense: The Indispensability of a Comprehensive Catholic Vision
(Given February 12, 2002; 72 minutes)

Featured Speaker:  John F. P. Sharpe

Mr. Sharpe is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and a former submarine officer. He is a recognized speaker and author on lay-Catholic Action. He is managing editor of IHS Press which specializes in titles devoted to the Social Teachings of the Church and features some of the most prominent Catholic writers of the 20th century. Moreover, Sharpe spent three years in Italy which gives him a unique perspective on the problems faced by today’s traditional Catholics both in the U.S. and abroad.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense: The Indispensability of a Comprehensive Catholic Vision – CD $6.00 plus shipping

The Best Defense is a Good Offense: The Indispensability of a Comprehensive Catholic Vision – DVD $15.00 plus shipping

Father Clement

Second in the Series…

A Franciscan Fights for the Faith
(Given May 15, 2002; 82 Minutes)

 Featured Speaker:  Rev. Clement Procopio

“He has commanded me to make war on the Communists…”

These are the words of Sister Mary of St. Peter, a cloistered nun of Carmel, France, as she described the frightening revelations she received from Christ in 1847. Exactly 100 years later, a humble dedicated Franscican priest, inspired to follow the same admonition, set out on a journey that was to last 27 years, and which would take him deep into Central America. There he not only spread the Holy Gospel far and wide – often on horseback to remote jungle villages – but he also dedicated his life to a struggle against the godless Communism that was rampant throughout the area.

Our Lord revealed to Sister Mary of St. Peter that Communists were “the enemies of the Church and of her Christ,” and that “most of these wolfish men had been born in the Church, whose bitter open enemies they now are.”

Whether by Divine intervention or by simple instinct, Father Clement Procopio recognized the evil that the Lord had revealed to Sister Mary of St. Peter a century earlier. The story of this priest’s years of selfless dedication to the salvation of souls entrusted to his care and to the eradication of Communism is more gripping than fiction.

Here is Fr. Procopio’s fascinating story – as only he knows it and as only he can tell it. In these times when the news all too often makes pride in our clergy difficult, hear the inspiring story of one holy priest’s fight for the Faith.

Father Procopio was born in Rumford, Maine, and lives today in California.  He was educated in Massachusetts and on June 8, 1944 was ordained a Roman Catholic priest in the order of the Franciscans. Father spent the better part of his priestly duties as a missionary in Central America. He speaks fluent Italian and Spanish. But he doesn’t ride horses anymore.

A Franciscan Fights for the Faith – CD $6.00 plus shipping


Third in the Series…

Do the “Blessings of Liberty” Really Apply To Catholics in America Today?
(Given May 15, 2002; 81 minutes)


Featured Speaker:  James Bendell

Mr. Bendell, attorney, board member of Roman Catholic Faithful (RCF), west coast litigation counsel for American Catholic Lawyers Association, responds to the 20th century “coup d’etat in America” – the assault on God and His faithful.  Mr. Bendell stresses the vital necessity of instituting the Social Kingship of Christ, here and throughout the world.

Do the “Blessings of Liberty” Really Apply To Catholics in America Today? – CD $6.00 plus shipping

Do the “Blessings of Liberty” Really Apply To Catholics in America Today? – DVD $15.00 plus shipping

John Vennari

Fourth in the Series…

…the Church of the Third Millennium
(Given March 27, 2003; Q&A follows)

Featured Speaker:  John Vennari

Is “ECUMENISM” the cornerstone of a one-world religion in major conflict with the traditional Catholic Faith of the centuries? Didn’t Pope St. Pius X in 1910 warn of “a great movement of apostasy being organized in every country for the establishment of a one-world Church?” Hear the answers to these and other provocative questions from one of the Catholic world’s leading traditionalists. This speech will send you home with a totally new perspective on the orientation of the “modern Church” – a perspective that may surprise you.Question and Answer session included on audiotape version only.

Mr. Vennari is the well known writer and editor of Catholic Family News, and a father of three.

…the Church of the Third Millennium –  3 CDs $12.00 plus shipping

…the Church of the Third Millennium – DVD $15.00 plus shipping