CRC II (1999) CDs ($6.00 ea. plus s/h)

All Speeches CRC II – Complete Set ($60.00)

All Speakers Round-table #1: The Mass Dissected

Michael Matt Why Johnny Can’t Pray: Do Traditional Catholics Know Who the Real Grim Reaper Is?

Christopher Ferrara Is Everybody Really Entitled to His Own Opinion? ~ Christopher Ferrara


John Vennari From Bauhaus to God’s House: Modernism & Pattern Recognition

Dr. David Allen White The Control of Music & the Control of the Soul ~ Dr. David Allen White

Michael Matt Mass Confusion: Why the Tridentine Mass Didn’t Stop the “Spirit of Vatican II” in ’65…and Why It Might Not Today Either

John Vennari Freemasonry and the “Spirit of Vatican II”

Dr. David Allen White The Syllabus of Errors & the Anti-Syllabus ~ Dr. David Allen White

Christopher Ferrara Fatima and the Great Amnesia

All Speakers Round-table #2: Lay Catholic Action & the Year 2000 – Speakers Wrap-up