Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

If any in the ISOC audience would like to wake up Mr. Kennedy, please call and/or leave a message at this number – 404-941-6515.

Here’s a man who knows the truth, was born in the truth of the Catholic Faith (which of course he has abandoned), and knows everything about the New/One World Order.

So why is he not shouting from the rooftops about the slaughter of the innocents in Palestine and the slaughter of the innocents in the womb?  Because he’s afraid?  I doubt that. This is the man who said he would die with his boots on. Is it because of his wife?  Is it because he’s been compromised like so many others in our government?  Let’s not give him a free pass.  Let’s, with all charity, stridently encourage him to be honest.

Pray for Mr. Kennedy to have the courage of his uncle and his father, even his grandfather.

God bless you.

Judith Sharpe






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