May He Rest in the Loving Arms of the Holy Family

Dear friends of ISOC.

I’m sad to tell you that my husband John Sharpe, Vice President of ISOC, died last Thursday, July 20th at 7:40 p.m.  He had had the Last Rites several times, Viaticum a few weeks before, and was wearing the brown scapular.

 Early in the day, my family (me, my son John our only child and his wife, and all the seven grandchildren, save one who is married and not at home) said a Rosary and the prayers for a departing soul from the Breviary. Later in the day, these prayers were said again, as well as all the Raccolta prayers for a happy death. Then the children left for dinner, and it was just me and my son. 

 John was brought a pamphlet by one of the children with the St. Bridget prayers for a dying person.  The last line reads, “Through Thy Sign of Eternal Love, open Heaven today and take this dying person ‘Papa’ and all his sins into the Realm of Thy Heavenly Father, that he may reign with Thee now and forever.” As John finished the prayer, with each of us holding a hand, he took two shallow breaths and expired.

 It was a miraculous death, so peaceful.  I am so happy for him and so sad for myself.  But God is good and blesses those who mourn.

 God bless you and thank you for all your prayers.”



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