A prayer request, plus more.

Dear friends:

A long-time friend of ISOC’s and someone we interviewed a couple of times, Mr. Nick Landholt, has been diagnosed with colon cancer.  Nick has been a congressional candidtate in Texas, a radio talk-show host, and most importantly a strident Catholic political activist.  Please add Nick to your prayer list and beg Our Lord to watch over him.

Secondly, the current ISOC home page features a debate between Suzanne Pearson and Dr. Robert Sungenis. If you’ve had time to listen perhaps you may want to share your thoughts with us. Did either of them change your mind? Did you agree with one more than the other? Do you think there was a winner in the debate?  Won’t you share you thoughts with us? Just write to info@isoc.ws. We will not publish you comments but will send them on to the speakers at YOUR request.

Lastly, let us pray ever more devoutly for our country. The legions set loose as stated by Our Lady of LaSalette are ganging up on us.

God bless and Notre Dame de Chartres, pray for us.




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